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2210_84829_0.jpg Articulation Development

Speech is the sound pattern of language in which combinations of sounds are combined to form words.

Speech sound acquisition develops through age eight.

Approximation of sound development at each age level, 3 years through 8 years, is noted below:


Articulation Strategies for Home

Over-emphasize the sounds in your own speech. Provide lots of opportunity for  your child to hear and pay attention to the sounds. If you hear a word or sentence said incorrectly, restate it in the right way instead of correcting. This way you are letting your child know that you accept his/her communication while providing auditory feedback for them to hear the word/sentence spoken correctly.

Look through magazines and cut out pictures that have your child’s sound(s). Paste  the pictures in a speech notebook for practice.

Help your child find things around the house, neighborhood, grocery store, etcetera  that have names containing the target sound. See who can discover the most  objectswith the target sound(s).

Paste pictures on small cards. Using any board game, have your child say the word  alone or use it in a sentence before taking a turn.

When climbing stairs, with each step, have your child say a word with his sound.

While traveling, everytime you come to a stop sign or red light, give your child a  word with his/her sound to use in a sentence.

Think of songs/rhymes that contain his/her sound(s). Sing/say them together.

While reading together, listen for your child’s sound and make sure it is said correctly.

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Above graphic is from: Poole, Sander, Hena, Fudula, Templin and Wellman

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